5 Ways to Write Through the Holidays

It’s the most magical time of the year! Except, when it’s not magical because it’s stressful, or disappointing, or so busy with gift buying that you’ve lost sight of that quiet call to create.

Write Your Way Through Christmas

And, deep in the soul, you feel it.

The rushing to do and to go and to be all the things, in all the places, at all the same times. It has you stretched and worn thin and far from working with the words that are deep inside your heart.

But, now isn’t the time to forget your words or forfeit the desire to write. It is possible to push through the busy and put out good writing this season.

In fact, this just might be the time to find your words forged with even more meaning and depth than usual.

So, for the one looking to write through the holidays, here are a few ways to keep words flowing, even while snow is snowing and Advent candles are still glowing.

  1. Write your own holiday cards. Nothing is more personalized than pouring out your heart with pen on paper. So, forget about sending out the printed family photo (that you probably forgot to order anyway). Hand-written cards don’t have to be expensive or extravagant. Simple and genuine will do. (Please, write more than just your name, though!)
  2. Partake in prompts for Advent. If not for the joy of counting down until Christmas, do it for the practice of writing. It really is okay to write without making perfect words or thinking about what they might produce someday. It’s practice, not simply skill, after all, that keeps your words focused and flowing.
  3. Don’t sleep in on snow days. Make the most out of cold, snowy days. Rather than hitting snooze when there’s been a cancellation—wake up and write! You’ll be glad you chose catching an extra hour of writing instead of catching an extra hour of sleep.
  4. Read more to write more. Winter has a way of drawing us in, beckoning us to rest as we retire the many things that push and pull us. Often, this kind of rest reawakens us to read. So, it’s okay if in this season you find yourself retracting only to dwell on the words of others. Reading isn’t mere leisure, it’s learning. In time, as you read, you’ll be inspired to write your own words—whether for private reflection or future projects.
  5. Ask for the gift of time. This year, maybe instead of asking for things, you’ll ask for time—ask for the gift of a getaway. Again, it doesn’t need to be expensive or extravagant. Just one Saturday away from home will do. Spending time with your words just might be the greatest gift you can give to yourself and the world.

Rachel Kang is a writer, editor, and the creator of Indelible Ink Writers, an online writing community. Her writing has been featured in The Daily Grace Co., {in}courage, Charlotte Magazine, and Christianity Today.​ ​See more of Rachel’s work and writing at rachelmariekang.com.



  • Shay Carter

    Love this!! Writing my own Christmas cards this year and read more to write more is a must.

    • Rachel Kang

      Love that you are writing your own Christmas cards this year—same for me! Enjoy those holiday reads. I’ve got a few tucked away myself : )

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