Diligence Opens Doors

My love for written word communication came alive in the garage of one of my childhood homes. I had just completed a Nancy Drew mystery, and I wanted to keep reliving the tale by gathering neighborhood kids to create a set of clues to unravel together. When they wouldn’t follow my directions, I resorted to pen and paper to further advance my imagination.  Unlike the neighborhood children, the words would go where I wanted them to go, and the characters knew who to interview and where to discover the clues. I followed this joyful pursuit for years until school-work edged out my creative writing.

Perhaps you also remember the moment you realized you loved to write and the season when life began to smother your creative expression. 

Two children later, I decided to pick up paper and pen again, but this time in the form of a blog. I wanted to chronicle life lessons and share these with friends and family who lived around the country; however, a third baby arrived, and I started homeschooling and life once again crowded out the creative.

Thanks to a party-based home business, I rediscovered my enjoyment of creating through the written word. I began to use social media more often, and build community through writing. One small step led to another, and I before I knew it, I found myself sitting at a conference where old and new talents were awakened in my heart.

I was called to create and felt most alive when sharing stories to empower, encourage and inspire others to a wholehearted life.

I returned to my blog, now writing for primarily an audience of One. There were many early mornings and tasks left undone in order to give time to this practice of the written word. At times I would sit with my pages of words and wonder about the purpose of my craft.  If I’m honest, I still do this – sometimes weekly – but now, I can trace the threads of these highlighted moments and testify to a door of opportunity that opened because I let go of my goals and expectations and simply wrote.  My surrendered heart discovered the ability to imagine, to try, to fail and do as well as I knew how with what was in front of me.

One of those doors opened when a dear friend saw (and perhaps read) my desire to write and extended the invitation to write a book study guide and lead a launch team for her second bestselling book. I look back now and realize how this was a life-changing opportunity.  If I had not been willing to imagine or to try and fail with my creativity, she may have never known to ask.  A few more doors have opened and a few have closed, but I’m growing more faithful in the practice of writing and podcasting. Even when it doesn’t go as imagined, I’ve become confident that we never know what our diligence might open up next.

xo, Amy Wicks


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