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Book Proposal Bootcamp

What is Book Proposal Bootcamp?

Book Proposal Bootcamp is a big—and accessible—step toward bringing your book idea to life. This exclusive two-month training program is designed to walk you step-by-step through writing a powerful non-fiction Christian genre book proposal. At the end of the bootcamp, you will get a guaranteed 30-minute pitch meeting with a literary agent from the Blythe Daniel Agency. That means not only will you be ready to write your book; you’ll actually get an open door to someone who can help get your book published.

Who should enroll?

Bootcamp is ideal for non-fiction authors of any Christian lifestyle genre or skill level, whether or not you have written a proposal or book previously. It is not designed for fiction authors or solely secular content, as the agent opportunity is with a literary agency whose connections are primarily in the Christian literature market. 

What will I gain from participating?

Book Proposal Bootcamp is designed to offer aspiring authors a step-by-step guide to developing a non-fiction book proposal. Components and benefits include:

  • Industry insight from a multi-published author and book proposal expert on best practices for crafting an effective proposal
  • Bi-weekly live webcast training on how to research and write each portion of your non-fiction book proposal, including a thorough chapter outline
  • Personalized critique per proposal section for each participant {not including sample chapters}
  • Helpful “best practices for writers” — tips on how to strengthen your sample chapters
  • Q&A group video session {midway through the program} with a literary agent from the Blythe Daniel Agency
  • One-on-one video or phone meeting with a literary agent from the Blythe Daniel Agency upon completion of the program

Where does it take place?

Bootcamp takes place from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. Bi-weekly lessons will be conducted via Crowdcast webinar sessions. All participants are encouraged to join these webinar events in real time so they can engage in discussions and get their questions answered. However, for anyone who cannot attend live, a replay will be available for each session.

What kind of time commitment is involved?

Bootcamp will kick off September 9 and run through October 2019. Plan to spend 60–90 minutes for each training session (every other week) and between 5–15 hours researching and writing each week.

Is the training self-paced?

Yes and no. Every other week we will provide a live training webinar (with replay available) covering the how and why of each progressive section within a book proposal. Your responsibility will be to do the homework in between sessions, actively writing your book proposal section by section. Becky will be available to review your work and provide a personalized critique section by section as long as you meet each section’s deadline. The one-on-one meeting with Stephanie Alton is guaranteed following the bootcamp whether or not you have completed your full book proposal; however, this agent meeting is a golden opportunity and you will be wise to take full advantage of it by presenting a completed book proposal.

We are delivering this training over the course of several weeks so that participants have adequate time to follow through on assignments and complete the course with a full book proposal to show for it. Whether or not you commit to that goal is up to you.

How much does it cost?

Book Proposal Bootcamp costs $997 or two installments of $550. This includes all training sessions, personalized critiques, a special agent Q&A session and a 30-minute one-on-one meeting with literary agent Stephanie Alton.

What if I want help with writing my sample chapters?

We are here to help you craft a strong proposal for presenting your book idea to industry decision-makers. That includes the comprehensive business portion and chapter outline. Book proposals also require two or three sample chapters, which should show off your authentic writing voice. These are not included in the personalized critique. However, we will provide insight and actionable tips on best practices for strong writing. And—Becky is available for additional editing and critique services on a case-by-case basis.

How do I register?

Click HERE to register for the Book Proposal Bootcamp.