Loving the People You Write For

Valentine’s Day is said and done—no more neon-printed candy, no cards with rhymes on life and love.


We’re one week out from the world-obsessed sentiment of sending ’round sweet notes with all the words we want to say yet never do and, here’s a crazy, wild idea—why don’t we keep it going, keep all that love flowing?

The point of our words is to pour into and pour out on the people placed before us.

We really can press pause on our good intentions—really can linger long to lean into the idea of what we think makes a great writer.

Or a great author.
Or a great speaker.
Or a great teacher.
Or a great leader.

However we’re bringing our hearts to the world—all the curating, the coordinating, and the content creation—in all of this, the one thing we aim for is the one thing we can’t afford to miss.

The point of our words is to pour into and pour out on the people placed before us.

With eloquent and hushed, hope-holding words, Ann Voskamp once spoke into this:

You need not be a gifted writer — you only need make your words a gift.

We need not be slaving—need not always be striving and stressing through the daydreams and deadlines.

When it comes to our words, the way and work of our hands, we can simply give and gift them. We can—maybe, just maybe—leverage them for love without goal, without getting, without gain.

It might be time to write some thank you letters, might be time to send some emails without product promotions and marketing mantras.

It might be time to dust off the keyboard—to type up posts and tag the names of faithful followers, the ones supporting you since the start, however long, or short, it’s been.

Let your readers see the way you sign your name. Address them in your subject line. Post a photo on your Instagram and tag some people that you’re thankful for.

Whatever you do, however you do it—keep it simple, keep it sincere, and keep it centered on the truth that there’s a soul behind every book you write, every project you pursue, and every email you automate.

When is the last time you reached out to your readers, not to preach a point or promote a product but, to let them know that you appreciate and love them?

Beyond writing or speaking at and to your readers (subscribers/followers), what can you do, or say, or offer to show your readers that you are for them, and with them?

Whisper some thoughts in the comments below—I’ll whisper and write back.

Here’s to loving our readers and serving them well.

Rachel Kang is a writer, editor, and the creator of Indelible Ink Writers, an online writing community. Her writing has been featured in The Daily Grace Co., {in}courage, Charlotte Magazine, and Christianity Today.​ ​Meet Rachel and read her writing at www.rachelmariekang.com.



  • Alexis A. Goring

    This was wonderful! Simply wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Rachel Kang.

    I do believe that I agree! 🙂 Why limit showing people love only on Valentine’s Day? Let’s show people love EVERY day! 🙂

    God bless you, friend.

    • Rachel Kang

      Alexis—thank you! I know you know how important this is. I see you—see your efforts to share and connect and be present. And I think you’re doing a great job with it : ) Keep loving your readers and taking care of them, serving them well and showing up. Wishing you continued joy on this writing journey, my fellow writing friend. XO!

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