When You Need a Circle Of Influence

My Influence Circle started as an idea of “what if…”

What if we could get information on the internet that we can usually  only find at conferences?

What if we could learn without having to sacrifice our bank accounts?

What if knowledge was shared through conversation and not just lectures?

What if discussions and tutorials were led by not just one industry leader at a time but an entire group with different perspectives from different roles that they play?

What ifs tend to lead themselves down a path of action.

That’s how My Influence Circle began. Authors, agents, publishers, and other creatives came together to create a circle for everybody who has a message to impact others in a positive way. They set out to build a circle of influence that can help increase your impact with your message. A circle that will help not just you grow as a creative, but help your audience, as well.

My Influence Circle is not just here to lead you, but to grow with you. After all, we’re all a part of the same circle. This circle is for your personal and professional growth, a resource for you to return to again and again, and a place where you belong.

You can find out more about the contributors who will be regularly sharing their knowledge in our online discussions and webinars HERE and let us know what YOU need to help expand this circle.

Check out all the training and discussion opportunities as they arrive in the TRAINING SHOP.



  • Heidi

    What a fabulous (and timely) resource! Thank you!!

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